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Ford 6600 Tractor Specifications

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Up until the end of the 20th century, Ford manufactured an extensive line of tractor models. The company began production on the 6600 model in 1975 and ceased producing it in 1981. The tractor directly preceding the 6600 was the 5000, and the model manufactured next was the 6610. The Ford 6600 was available in utility and row-crop models until 1977, when the row-crop model was renamed the Ford 6700.

Engine and Transmission

The 6600 Ford tractor model had a gasoline, four-cylinder engine option up until 1978. This engine was liquid-cooled, with natural aspiration and a 112-by-107 mm bore and stroke. It had a 4.2-liter displacement and a 7.75-to-1 compression ratio. After 1978, the engine for the 6600 became a 77-horsepower, diesel four-cylinder with 4.2-liter displacement. It was liquid-cooled with a 16.3 to 1 compression ratio. A larger Blue Power Special diesel engine was available in the 1981 model year only. The two transmission options were one with eight forward and two reverse gears, and one with 16 forward and four reverse gears.

Power, Tires and Dimensions

This model had a rear power take-off with 540 rpm. The claimed drawbar horsepower was 55.6 and the claimed PTO horsepower was 70.56. The 998, 1217 and 1224 Nebraska Tractor Tests proved the horsepower of the former to be 57.87 and of the latter to be correct at 70.56. The front tires of the 6600 were 7.50-16 and the rear tires were 18.4-30. This model was 398 cm in length, 276 cm in width and 9,700 pounds ballasted. It had an 88.6-inch wheelbase and the ROPS option weighed 5,880 pounds operating while the cab option weighed 7,020 pounds operating.

Other Specifications

The Ford 6600 had a type two rear three-point hitch with 4,470 pounds of rear lift. The fuel capacity was 81 liters and the standard chassis was four-by-two, two-wheel drive, while the optional chassis was four-by-four, four-wheel drive. The cab was optional, and the tractor had differential mechanical wet disc brakes and power assist steering. The hydraulic valve flow was 9.2 gpm.

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