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Oil of Lavender Uses for Flies

By Kay Wagers
Digital Vision/Photodisc/Getty Images

Flies can be a pest, both inside your home and when you are outside. They buzz around your ears, target your picnic food and bother your pets. You do not need a swatter or a can full of chemicals to get rid of them. Using oil of lavender, you can create your own fly repellents to protect your pets, your family and your home.


Use lavender oil to keep flies away from your pets. Create a fly repellent collar for dogs and cats by purchasing a fabric collar. Place a few drops of lavender oil on the fabric collar and allow it to soak in. The smell of the lavender will keep flies away. Put new oil on the collar every week or so during fly season to keep it potent. Dry small springs of lavender and stuff them inside your pet's bedding to repel flies from sleeping area. Dropping lavender oil on the dried springs will help retain their effectiveness.


You can give your family their own natural fly repellent by placing a few drops of oil of lavender on a handkerchief or piece of cloth, then tucking the cloth into a pocket before going outside. Make a fly repellent spray by filling a spray bottle with water, then adding a few drops of lavender oil to it. You can also add citronella or clove oil. Spritz down your clothing and your exposed skin with the mixture to prevent flies from bothering you when you are outside. If you are hiking or playing a sport outside, you will need to reapply the spray every few hours so it stays as effective as possible.


Use oil of lavender to keep flies away from your home. Hang springs of dried lavender in open windows. Too keep them potent, place a drop of lavender oil on them every week or so. The lavender fly repellent spray will also work in your home. Spray it on windowsills and doorjambs to deter flies from entering them. To create a fly-free oasis in your backyard, make a stronger solution of the repellent. Place ten or fifteen drops of lavender oil in the spray bottle, then spritz down the table and chairs you plan to use. If the chairs have fabric padding on them, place a drop of undiluted oil of lavender on them.