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Kohler Engine K301 Specs

Kohler Engines is an American manufacturer that produces small engines for a variety of uses, such as lawn mowers, construction equipment and other applications. The K-series line of engines from Kohler range from 8 to 36 cubic inches. Kohler's K301 single-cylinder engine is a popular engine used in riding lawn mowers, generators and other equipment.

General Engine Specifications

The Kohler K301 is a single-cylinder, 29.07 cubic inch engine. Fuel is delivered via a carburetor and the engine produces a maximum of 12 horsepower. The maximum operating speed of the engine is 3,600 rpm (revolutions per minute). K301s weigh 118 pounds.

Internal Engine Specifications

The Kohler K301 has a bore and stroke measurement of 3.375 inches by 3.250 inches. K301s have a crankshaft that measures 1 inch by 3.25 inches. The oil capacity of the K301 is 4 pints.

Engine Electrical Specifications

The K301 utilizes a 12 volt electric starter and a 15 amp alternator. K301 engines utilize size 14 spark plugs that are Champion RH10 or suitable alternatives. For magneto ignitions, the spark plug gap is 0.025 inches; battery and breakerless engines have a spark plug gap of 0.035 inches; and gaseous fueled engines have a spark plug gap of 0.018 inches. The breaker point gap is 0.020 inches.

Kohler Engine On My Riding Lawn Mower Will Fire But Not Start

Extremes in temperature during hot summers, fog and soggy weather can all provide clues to your mower's failure. Moisture in a fuel supply, in either the gas can or tank, can stop an engine. Always follow your mower's operator manual recommendations for fuel and filters -- and follow the prescribed maintenance schedule for replacement. Inappropriate fuels, such as diesel that will not burn properly or gas with more than 10 percent ethanol that can damage engine parts due to high heat, can also result in failure to start. Although the motor may fire as the result of the spark from the solenoid, not enough fuel feeds through the carburetor to sustain continued combustion. If you try to start your mower without putting the gear lever in neutral or depressing the brake pedal, the starter might fire, but your engine will choke. Many causes of an engine that fires but refuses to start are easy to address, but one can be fatal: failure to keep lubricating oil at the proper level in the crankcase and its pistons.

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