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Kohler Engine K301 Specs

By William Bronleigh

Kohler Engines is an American manufacturer that produces small engines for a variety of uses, such as lawn mowers, construction equipment and other applications. The K-series line of engines from Kohler range from 8 to 36 cubic inches. Kohler's K301 single-cylinder engine is a popular engine used in riding lawn mowers, generators and other equipment.

General Engine Specifications

The Kohler K301 is a single-cylinder, 29.07 cubic inch engine. Fuel is delivered via a carburetor and the engine produces a maximum of 12 horsepower. The maximum operating speed of the engine is 3,600 rpm (revolutions per minute). K301s weigh 118 pounds.

Internal Engine Specifications

The Kohler K301 has a bore and stroke measurement of 3.375 inches by 3.250 inches. K301s have a crankshaft that measures 1 inch by 3.25 inches. The oil capacity of the K301 is 4 pints.

Engine Electrical Specifications

The K301 utilizes a 12 volt electric starter and a 15 amp alternator. K301 engines utilize size 14 spark plugs that are Champion RH10 or suitable alternatives. For magneto ignitions, the spark plug gap is 0.025 inches; battery and breakerless engines have a spark plug gap of 0.035 inches; and gaseous fueled engines have a spark plug gap of 0.018 inches. The breaker point gap is 0.020 inches.


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