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Types of Dwarf Cherry Trees

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Although dwarf cherry trees may be smaller in size, their fruit is actually the same size as a regular cherry tree. They also have the advantage of not taking up nearly as much space, making them ideal for a garden or small yard. Dwarf cherries are usually created by grafting cherry varieties on the root stocks of dwarfs in order to minimize their size.

Dwarf North Star Pie Cherry Tree

The dwarf North Star Pie cherry tree was created in 1950 by the University of Minnesota. Although it is a dwarf, it produces a bountiful harvest of tart cherries. It ripens in early June in the United States Department of Agriculture's growing zone 5, which includes many parts of the Midwestern states. The flavor of the North Star Pie cherry makes it a choice for use in food items such as pies, cobblers and various candy snacks. According to the Dig the Dirt Website, its cherries also freeze well. This sturdy tree is generally resistant to diseases. It grows from 8 to 12 feet tall and can be found in USDA zones 5 to 10. Its light red skin covers a red flesh.

Dwarf Bing Cherry Tree

The dwarf Bing cherry tree has a deep red color and grows in USDA zones 5 through 8. The size of its cherries is on the large size and the cherries are known for their excellent taste. It grows to a height of approximately 20 feet. According to the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, it is vulnerable to rain splitting and is tender to winter conditions and spring frosts. It does not require a lot of maintenance. Bing cherries are among the most common found in the market. They have a red-black skin and firm flesh. The dwarf Bing cherry tree has reddish bark, which makes it a good choice as a landscaping tree when contrasted with its green leaves in the summer. The leaves turn colors such as red and orange in the fall. It is not self-fruitful, which means it must be pollinated by another cherry tree.

Meteor Cherry Tree

The Meteor cherry tree is a natural genetic dwarf that grows to a height of 8 to 12 feet. It also spreads to a similar size. Found in the USDA zones 3 to 8, Meteor cherries have a skin that is bright red. They have a sour taste and are used in juices, jams, jellies, pies and wines. The Meteor cherry tree pollinates itself and has attractive dark green leaves. It was first introduced in Minnesota and can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. It produces colorful white flowers in the spring, followed by red cherries in the middle of the summer. The leaves turn to a bright orange in the fall. It prefers full sun and soil with good drainage. It is also a good choice for attracting birds. It normally lives for about 30 years.

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