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Honda HRS21 Specifications

Honda is well known as a manufacturer of car and motorcycles, but the company also produces many other types of useful machines and electronics, including lawnmowers. The Honda HRS21 is one model of lawnmower that the company no longer manufactures. It was produced in the early 1980s.

General Information and Specifications

There were four different types of HRS21 lawnmower produced by Honda: SA, PA, SVA and PVA. The dimensions (length by width by height) of the Honda HRS21 are 59.1 inches by 23.0 inches by 39.4 inches for the SA and PA types and 59.1 inches by 28.9 inches by 39.4 inches for the SVA and PVA types. The dry weight of the SA type was 75 lbs, the PA was 68.4 lbs, SVA was 71.4 lbs and the PVA 65 lbs. The cutting width for all of the four types was 21 inches. The grass bag capacity of the two bagged models was 14.5 gallons of yard waste.

Engine Specifications

The engine of all four types was the same--the GXV110. It was an overhead valve, single-cylinder, forced air-cooled, four-stroke gasoline engine. It had a displacement of 6.7 cubic inches and a bore and stroke of 2.0 by 2.2 inches. Its ignition system was a transistor magneto ignition with 23 degree BTDC (bottom-top dead center) timing. It held 0.37 quarts of engine oil and 0.21 gallons of gasoline. It also had a BR-4HS spark plug.


The four HRS21 lawnmower types had the following components: grass bag (SA and PA only), grass bag grip, flywheel brake lever, air cleaner, discharge guard, throttle lever, recoil starter, spark plug, cutting height adjustment lever, drive clutch lever engine chassis, fuel filler cap, oil filler cap, four wheels, blade housing and muffler. The SVA and PVA types had a discharge adaptor instead of the grass bag.

Other Information

There were other differences between the four types of Honda HRS21 lawnmowers. The SA and SVA types were self-propelled, whereas the PA and PVA types were push mowers. The SVA and PVA discharged the cutting to the side of the mower. The SA and PA types collected cuttings into a bag.

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