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Toro 6.5 GTS Mower Specs

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The Toro Recycler Walk Power mower is configured with the 6.5 Guaranteed to Start (GTS) engine. It comes in five different models to account for variations in engine type, drive system, overall weight and starter mechanism: 20005, 20016, 20017, 20070 and 20047. Toro backs its GTS technology with the guarantee that the motor will start on two pulls for two years or Toro will repair it at no cost to the customer.


A Tecumseh or Briggs and Stratton engine delivers the 6.5 horsepower to the Toro GTS mower. The Tecumseh Power 4-cycle engine, made exclusively for Toro mowers, is favored worldwide for lawn mower engines. Finding repair parts is easy, and repair shops should be familiar with the engine. A Briggs and Stratton engine is available only on the 20047 model. The 20070 model is equipped with an electric start; remaining models use a recoil start.

Cutting System

The Toro 6.5 GTS mower features the Atomic Blade system that grinds cuttings to a fine pulp and recycles them back to nourish the lawn. The height of cut can be set from 1.25 to 4.25 inches with a 9-position adjustment. The mower cutting width is 22 inches on all models. A blade override system on the 20047 model allows you to momentarily halt the engine while you clear the mowing path, then continue working without an engine restart. All Recycler models support mulching, rear bag catchment and side discharge.


Two types of self-propelled drive systems are available for the Toro Recycler. The variable-speed, front-wheel drive propels models 20005 and 20016, and the personal-pace, rear-wheel drive is configured for all remaining models. Both systems allow you to mow at your own speed. The overall weight of the mower ranges from 80 to 93 lbs.

Start The Toro 6.5 Hp Recycler Mower

The Toro 6.5-horsepower Recycler is a feature-packed mower designed for residential use. The Recycler's warranty states the engine will start with two or three pulls for up to three years or the company will make corrections or repairs for free during the period. Stand behind the Recycler mower in the operating position. Look down the right handlebar and locate the handle for the starter pull cord. Grip the handlebar and starter pull cord firmly, then pull the starter cord back toward you. Release the cord slowly without allowing it to snap back forward. Pull the cord up to two more times to start the mower. Check the mower for fuel or a loose spark plug wire connection if the mower does not start after three pulls on the starter cord.

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