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Flowers Starting With F

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When choosing the flowers for a bouquet or a garden, you need to consider each flower's characteristics and appearance, but you can also consider the name. The names of flowers range from fanciful to prosaic, and choosing flowers that all start with the same letter is a clever way to plan a garden or a bouquet. Several flowers have names that start with the letter "F" for your F-centered garden or arrangement.


The freesia is a fragrant flower that has strap-shaped leaves and produces long arches of large, tubular-shaped flowers that bloom upward from a horizontal stalk. Each stalk contains anywhere from five to 10 flowers. Possible colors for the flowers include white, orange, red, yellow and purple, with some varieties being bi-colored. It is suited for outdoor planting as well as indoor planting.

Foam Flower

Foam flowers produce small, white five-petaled flowers, arranged in the shape of a star around a yellow center. The flowers cluster together at the top of the stem. Viewed from a distance, they look like foam clinging to the stalk. It is a shallow-rooted plant that does well when planted closely to flowers with deeper roots, so you can maximize the use of garden space.


The foxglove is a plant that produces a tall spike of white or purple bell-shaped flowers. Slender oval leaves, which have a covering of coarse hair, surround the flowers. The plant is biennial, returning for two seasons before it dies. Foxglove is easy to grow and it takes root readily in cool areas with moist soil. It does well in soil that has some sand and that is slightly acidic in nature. Take care when planting foxglove because all parts of the plant are toxic.

Flamingo Flower

The flamingo flower is a tropical flower that produces vibrant red flowers. In the right conditions, where the plant is receiving the right amount of light, warmth and water, it can bloom almost continuously. It can tolerate deep shade, but prefers full light and it grows to a full height of 18 inches with a 20-inch spread. It does best when it's continually moist, in a humid environment.

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