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Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw Specs

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In 2009, Husqvarna celebrated 50 years as a chainsaw maker. In the 21st Century Husqvarna manufactures its chainsaws with a range of new safety features including the Triobrake function that allows chain stoppage with the right hand, new ergonomic designs to aid in cutting comfort, a vibration-damping system to help alleviate the problem of sore arms and shoulders so common with older chainsaws and environmentally-friendly technology. The 445 model is a versatile chainsaw meant for wood cutters who want a professional quality saw at a reasonable price


The 445 comes with a 45.7cc engine that has 2.8-horsepower and a maximum cutting speed of 9,600 RPM which is easily strong enough to cut through large bore trees and common North American hardwoods like alder, ash, maple and oak. It sports a .95 US pint fuel tank and a .55 US pint oil tank equipped with a fixed flow system to keep it from using too much oil over a long cutting period so you don’t have to stop and check the oil at every break.


Husqvarna developed the patented X-Torq system in 2004 for the 445 model. Created to meet with increasingly stringent environmental laws throughout the world, the X-Troq system lowers fuel consumption up to 20 percent and emissions 60 percent more than similar models not equipped with the technology. The Husqvarna 455 helps to save money on fuel and maintain a cleaner environment.

Start Smart

Husqvarna alleviated the problem of shoulder and arm strain due to chainsaw start problems. The 445 includes an air purge system that removes air from the carburetor to make starting easier, along with a push-button start-stop system so you no longer have to worry about pulling your arm out of its socket when starting your chainsaw. It still comes with a pull cord though in case the push button system does not function.

Other Features

The 445 has a centrifugal air injection system to aid in the cleaning of the air filters and lower the risk of clogging during operation. This system helps to keep down engine wear as well. Like all of Husqvarna’s chainsaws, the 445 includes the LowVib technology developed to lower vibration levels which in turns reduces user fatigue allowing longer cutting times with less wear and tear on the body. It also comes with a side-mounted tensioner to make chain tensioning easier, a three-piece crankshaft to add durability to the machine, visible fuel indicator so you can check fuel levels simply and felling marks to aid in felling accuracy.


The 445 puts off 103.3 decibels of sound at ear level which is enough to cause permanent ear damage. Always wear ear protection when the machine is on. Make sure to use eye protection, leg protection and strong foot protection. A chainsaw is a dangerous device; lack of proper safety can lead to irreversible physical harm. Read the manual from cover to cover before using the machine.

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