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Full-Sun Annual Flowers for Window Boxes

By Kay Dean ; Updated September 21, 2017
colorful petunias in window boxes
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Window boxes offer a quick and easy face-lift to a home, apartment or condo. They brighten brick or stone, and create a welcoming aspect for guests and homeowner alike. With a longer blooming season, annuals are a good choice for growing in window boxes. For window boxes that receive more than 6 hours of full sun every day, there are several annuals to grow, either as a mass planting, or mix with other flowers.


multi-colored nemesia
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Growing no taller than 12 inches, Nemesia a good choice for window boxes. This easy-to-grow flower produces a large, almost flat head, with individual flowers that point in different directions. Nemesia comes in a variety of colors, including shades of yellow, orange and pink, as well as some mixed colors.


vinca periwinkle flowers
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Known as Catharanthus, vinca or Madagascar periwinkle, these popular annuals are a good choice for window boxes or flowerbeds. With dark green glossy leaves, periwinkle produces single petal blossoms in shades of pink/rose, mauve or white; some varieties have an alternate colored "eye." Periwinkles grow slowly from seed, which is one reason many gardeners choose to buy them as bedding plants.


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Marigolds are a popular flower for gardens and window boxes. Also known as calendula or English marigold, these fast-growing hardy annuals produce bushy foliage and blossoms in shades of yellow, oranges and red; some varieties are variegated. Marigolds re-seed themselves or you can harvest the seeds from spent blossoms to store for the next season.


pink petunias
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Petunias are a popular annual for hanging baskets and window boxes, especially the milliflora petunias, which produce 1-inch wide blossoms. Petunias come in a wide range of colors, including pinks, purples, white, reds and some bicolors. Although they thrive in a sunny, south-facing aspect, petunias need protection from strong winds, which damage the flowers.


purple snapdragons
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Also known as Antirrhinum, the common name for snapdragons refers to the ability of the blossom to "snap" when the sides are squeezed. Snapdragons come in various heights. The intermediate -- which grows 18 inches tall -- or dwarf varieties -- which grows 12 inches tall -- work best for a window box. Snapdragons come in a variety of vibrant shades, including pink, orange, yellow, white, purple and some bicolors.


purple lobelia flowers
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For a mass of color trailing over the edge of the window box, plant lobelia. Producing low-lying foliage, lobelia has small, single-petal blossoms in blue, white, pink, mauve and some two-tones. Some trailing varieties include ‘Cascade Mixed,’ ‘Fountains Mixed,’ ‘Regatta Mixes’ and ‘String of Pearls Mixed.’


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