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Flowers That Mean Healing

By Alyson Paige
Pick a flower for its healing meaning.
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Healing can occur at different levels of the mind-body, and various flowers provide possibilities for physical and emotional healing. Investigate what properties flowers may possess, particularly in the types of flowers with which you surround yourself in times of ill health. Express healthful, loving and joyful wishes for yourself and others with live flowers or representations of healing flower presences. Look to the flowers in the trees, in gardens, on tables, and in unexpected places and forms for healing energy.

Good Physical Health

Apple blossoms symbolize youth and immortality.
apple blossoms image by Bruce Shippee from Fotolia.com

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Most people know this adage. Apple blossoms, too, symbolize good health, according to the website, Living Arts Originals. With beauty, youth and immortality as symbols, apple blossoms cover important wellness bases. Carry a bouquet with apple blossoms on your wedding day to symbolize a long and healthy marriage. Use creative ways to spread your wishes for someone's good health and long life. Give someone a framed print of an apple tree in full bloom or a coffee mug decorated with apple blossoms. Grow an apple tree in your yard to revel in its annual bloom.


Orchids communiate fertility and many children.
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With their ethereal and delicate beauty, orchids can communicate wishes for love, fertility and many children. Grow orchids in cool and warm climates. Plant in the ground or in pots. If you live in a climate not orchid-friendly, place a glass orchid on a table or wear an orchid pin on your jacket. Give a live orchid to a couple trying to conceive.

Joy and Prayer

Feed your soul with hyacinth flowers.
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Flowers symbolize ethereal qualities, which bring emotional balance with love and joy. Hyacinth flowers bring playful joy. White hyacinth flowers symbolize prayerful intention. According to Living Art Originals, the Prophet Muhammad may have said, "If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul."


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