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Flowers to Plant in Washington State

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Plan your garden in Washington state with the climate of the Pacific Northwest in mind. Many flowering plants and shrubs native to the area can make your garden a thriving and beautiful landscape. Choose plants which fare well in moist, shady conditions such as delicate trillium or bright daisies, as well as a variety of ferns. Select a planting site and evaluate your vision for the garden--even the smallest flowerbed can shout with colored blossoms and bright foliage.


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Dahlias range in color from gold to deep red and are available in many sizes as well. These perennials thrive in full sun and can grow to be 6-feet tall. Mix several varieties to add texture and interest to your landscaping design. Bring a few blossoms inside to brighten your home, since dahlias are suitable for cut flowers, too.


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Look no further than the state flower of Washington for a glory of color that is found in its rhododendron shrubs, which grow 6 to 8 feet in height, with flat leaves and clusters of blossoms. The coastal rhododenron native to the Washington area has pink blossoms, while hybrids purchased for planting are available in a range of shades including orange and lavender. The blossoms of some hybrids are variegated, with more than one color on each petal.

Shasta Daisy

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Cheerful yellow-centered daisies stand tall and bright in your garden. Shasta daisies grow well in partial shade. Their distinctive shape and coloring lend a happy tone to your garden and, because they are perennials, your shasta daisies will be a joyful addition to your landscaping. An excellent cut flower, shastas make an appealing summer bouquet for your table.

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