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The Best Finish Mowers

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Whether you own a farm, or have a particularly expansive, multi-acre lawn, a finish mower can help you cut grass and other plants in a much more timely fashion in comparison to a standard, walk-behind lawn mower. As the outdoor product resource website Lawn Tool Guide notes, finish mowers attach to the backs of tractors, specifically tractors with engines capable of a least 17-horsepower. The mower attachments provide incredibly wide cutting widths for making short work of large areas.

Caroni TC710NSLD

According to the farming equipment resource website Blue Horizon Farm, the Caroni TC710NSLD finish mower is great for mowing pastures, trails and other large, grassy spaces, and is easy to connect to any tractor with a three-point hitch. The mower, which costs around $1400, features a 71-inch cutting width; an adjustable cutting height, which allows you to cut grass to between one and four-inches tall; and three cutting blades—each over 2 feet long—for optimizing smooth, precise cutting. While the Caroni TC710NSLD comes standard with side-discharging capabilities, you can also purchase additional bagging and mulching kits. The mower works best with tractors capable of between 20 and 40-horsepower.

New Holland 918H

The New Holland 918H offers a 60-inch cutting width, an adjustable cutting height that allows you to trim grass to between 1 and 5 inches; and an array of vertical cutting blades that can spin at 2,100 rotations-per-minute (rpm).

As the online tractor community Tractor By Net notes, this finish mower can easily cut through high, thick weeds and grasses, tree saplings, honeysuckle and rose vines. One of the 918H’s stand-out features is its radial flotation hitch, which allows you to maneuver the mower into and around corners.

King Kutter RFM-72

According to the consumer resource and product review website Buzzillions, King Kutter RFM-72 is a rear-discharging finish mower that features a wide, 72-inch cutting width, a sturdy steel deck and a cast iron gear box. The tips of the mower’s 2 foot-long cutting blades are able to move at 18,463 feet-per-minute (FPM), while its adjustable cutting height allows you to trim grass to between 1 and 4.5 inches. Like the New Holland 918H, the King Kutter RFM-72 has a free-floating hitch system, which allows the mower to adapt to the ground’s contours.

Northern Industrial 1104S080

The Northern Industrial 1104S080 finish mower by Northern Tool has a 71.5 inch cutting width, an adjustable cutting height that cuts grass to between 1 3/8 and 4.5 inches tall and four caster--or freely-pivoting--wheels, which are covered with rubber flotation tires. According to Buzzillions, the rear-discharging mower works best with tractors capable of between 20 and 50-horsepower.

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