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Ideas for Above Ground Pools With Garages

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If you have garage space, repurpose it for your poolside needs. As an extension of a house, a garage is more than a place to park your car or to store tools and out-of-season items. This ready-made structure offers a clean slate as a place for an above ground or pool supplies.


With both the garage and above ground pool located in the backyard, it makes the garage an ideal storage facility for pool supplies and accessories. Designate an area of the garage for your pool, even if you still park your car there or use it for other storage. Rather than leaving these supplies outside to become weather damaged or purchasing an additional storage shed to take up more space in your yard, use the garage to store the pool chemicals, solar and winter pool covers and pool toys.


Consider converting your garage into a pool house or cabana. You, your family and your guests will enjoy lounging and socializing near the pool in between swims, and you don't have to worry about cleaning up after the wet traffic in and out of the main house. If you outfit your pool house with a living area, kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom, you can divert many backyard gatherings to the pool house, and you will also provide convenient house guest quarters any time of the year.

Year-Round Swimming

Consider installing your above-ground pool in the garage if you've always wanted to swim throughout the year at home but didn't have the budget to build an indoor swimming pool. According to Endless Pools, "A garage with a concrete floor offers the ideal structural support for an above-ground pool." Enjoy swimming in the fall and winter seasons by adding insulation and heating to your garage. Since garages are typically dark spaces that receive natural light when you open the door, install side windows and skylights to brighten it up, for ventilation and to allow natural sunlight to shine on the pool water. Or install a garage foundation to set an above- ground pool on. Pour a new foundation, or use an existing foundation from a demolished garage. This is a permanent solution for your outdoor pool that removes the worry of ground settling changes that can make the pool slope to one side over time. A pool set on an exposed garage foundation will receive a generous amount of sunlight and fresh air while benefiting from the structural support of a garage floor.

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