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Hanging Plants That Repel Mosquitos

By Tyler Lacoma
Rosemary makes a good herb and mosquito-repelling plant.

Mosquitoes can be a problem in moisture climates, or even in drier climates near ponds, pools, or moist soils. If you have too many mosquitoes, it's difficult to entertain in the garden or yard. One of the easiest ways to repel mosquitoes is by using plants that exude odors and chemicals that ward off mosquitoes. Several varieties are known for their mosquito-repelling properties, and several can be used as hanging plant decorations on patios.


Marigolds are bright yellow, orange, and red flowers that create a smell that mosquitoes do not like. They are annuals, but look stylish in full bloom and work well for hanging pots. Homeowners who are considering marigolds may want to visit a nursery and smell the flowers themselves, since some people do not enjoy the smell of marigolds, either.


Mint creates oils that mosquitoes do not like being around, while their smell is not unpleasant to humans. While mint does not produce vines or attractive flowers, it does tend to spread over ground quickly, so many growers prefer to keep it in pots where its growth is controlled. Homeowners can also use catnip, a powerful relative of mint, and keep it hanging out of the reach of household cats.


Rosemary is another herb that creates oils that repel mosquitoes. To make rosemary a suitable hanging plant decoration, homeowners should combine it with several other herbs mosquitoes do not like, such as lemongrass and basil. Wormwood is also an option, although it is not an herb and should not be used for cooking.


Citronella is a traditional "mosquito plant" that does an excellent job of warding off mosquitoes. It has vivid green foliage, blue and white flowers, and is an attractive decorative plant in most circumstances, including when it's in a hanging pot. Citronella varieties come in different sizes and colors.


Tansies, also called mums, are similar to marigold, but grow taller and have larger flowers that come in a wide variety of colors, including pink, yellow, and red. They are a good choice for a homeowner who wants to add color to a patio and does not mind picking out her own color variations for hanging arrangements.


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