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The Best Lawn Mowers for 1 Acre

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The various types, sizes and abilities of lawn mowers can be overwhelming. The range of lawn mowers matches the range of land size and terrain. An acre of open land requires a different lawnmower than an acre with obstacles or structures on it. Rolling terrain and flat, level ground have different mowing needs. Researching the needs of your land will help determine the best lawn mower for one acre.

Riding Mowers

Look for a riding mower with a smaller mower deck. Mowers with a cutting radius up to 32 inches are suitable for lawns up to an acre in size. Determine the type of riding mower by examining the mowing area and the obstacles within the area. For lawns with many obstacles or large structures, a zero-turn radius mower is more suitable because it can turn without forward motion to handle tight areas. Riding mowers with higher horsepower can be used on open land while lawns with many obstructions require lower horsepower and speed.

Walk-Behind Mowers

Determine the amount of green space you have when considering a walk-behind mower. Blades for push mowers range from 22 inches to 36 inches; a larger blade radius can make cutting an open lawn easier. Consider the slope of the land when choosing a lawn mower. Self-propelled and front-wheel drive mowers are not well suited for hilly terrain or steeper slopes but are the best choice for open, level ground.

Reel Mowers

Investigate reel mowers if you are environmentally conscious or are looking for a lawn mower allowing for greater physical activity. A reel mower is also the most economical mower to operate and maintain, since the only moving parts are the wheels and blades. The largest drawback to reel mowers is the limited cutting width of 14 to 18 inches. Because of this limitation, reel mowers are best suited for smaller open spaces and can handle moving around obstacles.

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