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Varieties of Pioneer Seed Corn

Pioneer Hi-Bred was established in 1926 as the Pioneer Corn Company by Henry A. Wallace, who had a keen interest in corn genetics. Pioneer is the global leader in developing and supplying genetically advanced seeds to farmers in 70 countries around the world. In 1996, Pioneer was the first company to start a corn genomics project. The company merged with DuPont in 1999; its headquarters are in Iowa.

Phb 33A14 B

Phb 33A14 B is a Pioneer seed-corn variety with a high level of resistance to the maize stalk borer. The corn has a short period of growth and produces above average yield. Phb 33A14 B has strong stalks and roots and is highly resistant to drought. This corn adapts to a variety of growth conditions and produces good results even when plants are crowded. The crop is suitable for growing in dry land or irrigation conditions and has superior silage quality. The corn variety is also suitable for crop rotation.

Phb 32P68 R

Phb 32P68 R is a hybrid corn seed that produces high yields and has superior agronomic traits. The plants have strong stalks, high level of standability and well-developed roots, which ease the process of harvesting. The plants have a high level of drought resistance and moderate level of resistance to ear rot. Phb 32P68 R is highly recommended for silage and grain. The seeds are fortified with the Roundup Ready gene and are recommended for drop rotation through irrigation.

Phb 32D96 B

Phb 32D96 B is considered an early yield leader of seed corn. The variety is stable and widely adaptable, with sound agronomic traits. The seeds are fortified with the YieldGard resistance gene against stalk borers. The corn is highly resistant to drought and has good stalk strength. Phb 32D96B has a good level of resistance to fusarium ear rot, gray leaf spot and common rust. This corn variety is recommended as an excellent hybrid for early planting and provides good quality silage for the feedlot purposes.

Phb 32D95 BR

Phb32D95 BR is a widely adapted hybrid and among the most versatile in the range of yellow maize. The variety shares some basic genetics with Phb 32D99 but has the added benefits of YieldGard, or resistance against the stalk borer, and Roundup Ready. PHb 32D95 BR is considered a leading yellow-corn hybrid, well adapted for use on irrigation or dry land. The corn variety yields best results when it is planted early, following the wheat harvest.

Phb 32A05 B

Phb 32A05 B is a white-corn hybrid considered a leader among the early maturing varieties. The hybrid is supplemented with the YieldGard gene, which increases its resistance against the maize stalk borer. This corn has a superior stay-green capacity and average stalk strength. Phb 32A05 B displays a strong early growth and a rapid dry-down. The plants are relatively smaller and have less plant material, which makes the corn an ideal choice for high plant populations. It does well under dry land or irrigation conditions, and is recommended as a suitable variety for crop rotation.

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