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Central Florida Landscaping Ideas

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Central Florida has warm temperatures combined with sunshine and a moderate amount of rain throughout the year. If you live in the area year-round, your landscaping should take into account the climate as well as the layout of your yard and your preferences. Incorporate water features, outdoor lighting and other elements into your landscaping to create curb appeal and spaces for outdoor entertaining.

Add Water to the Landscape

Add a water feature to your landscape. A simple rock wall fountain adds color and interest to an otherwise ordinary space. If you pick primarily green plants and shrubs, a water fountain in a darker color adds contrast to your yard. Water features come in a number of shapes and sizes, including miniature streams that run down a small hill. Add this type of feature into a large backyard or along the steps leading from the front of your house. Swimming pools and even koi ponds fall in this category.

Use Native Plants

Use plants that are native to central Florida, as well as plants that thrive in the warm conditions. Aloe commonly grows in the region and in the wild; it can reach 2 to 3 feet in height. The dark green stalks occasionally have shades of red and require little watering. For greenery, try leather fern and elephant ear. Add some color with flowering plants such as ageratum, which has a bright purple color, and amaranth, which has a bright pink or red color. Other colorful plants also grow well in the region, including flax lily, Mexican heather, African iris, daisy bush and twin flower. Multiple varieties of ferns also thrive in central Florida and most require minimal watering.

  • Add a water feature to your landscape.
  • If you pick primarily green plants and shrubs, a water fountain in a darker color adds contrast to your yard.

Include Other Features

Finish off your landscaping with other elements, including pavers, stones and lighting. Solar powered lights recharge in the sun during the daylight hours and provide hours of light at night. Stones can be used to create small flower beds for your yard and also separate different types of plants. Use pavers to create a patio off the back of your house or a separate area for entertaining in your yard. Add an outdoor fireplace for unseasonably cold weather or for outdoor entertaining.

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