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Ideas for a Pool Bathroom

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A pool bathroom is dedicated to guests who are using the pool and need to use a restroom. The benefit of having a pool house bathroom is that guests will not track water into your home on their way to a bathroom. You can incorporate many comforts into a pool house bathroom so that guests may not need to use your home for any of their needs.

Changing Area

Incorporating a changing area in a pool house bathroom allows multiple guests to use the facility at one time for changing purposes. You can integrate a changing area by installing a series of stalls with privacy doors or curtains. Consider placing shelves or benches inside each unit so visitors can sit as they change and have a place to set their belongings.


A shower is essential in a pool bathroom because it allows guests to rinse pool chemicals such as chlorine off their skin and out of their hair. Place soaps and shampoos inside the shower so visitors who forgot these items can still rinse off the chlorine properly. Enclosing the shower with solid curtains or etched glass will give guests privacy while others use the bathroom for other needs. If you have a large number of visitors using your pool often you can install two small shower stalls instead of one larger one to accommodate more than one bather at one time.

Raised Floor

A raised floor in the form of spaced wooden slats is both visually appealing and functional. Guests step on the slats while they utilize certain parts of the pool bathroom, which prevents access water from collecting on the floor. The water makes its way through the spaces between the slats where it collects on the floor below and ultimately goes through a drainage system. Another advantage of using a raised wood floor is that it is more slip-resistant than tiling when it gets wet. This concept keeps guests safe while they maneuver through the pool house bathroom with wet feet.

Standard Comforts

Standard comforts are necessary in pool house bathrooms so visitors can complete all their hygiene needs in one place. A water room, which houses the toilet in a small, private space, lets guests use the toilet while others are in close proximity. A mirror, sink, and countertop are also necessities. You can add items such as brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and hairdryers to improve guest convenience. Do not forget to stock the bathroom with plenty of towels.

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