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How to Lay Sod Over Sand

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Sod establishes quickly and can be laid any time during the growing season -- exactly the kind of fast and easy solution a busy mom needs. Sod can be installed over nearly any type of soil -- sand, silt, clay or loam -- if a 4- to 6-inch layer of topsoil is first added. However, most moms don't want to spend their hard-earned cash on expensive topsoil. If you'd like to lay sod directly onto sand, sod grows best over a sandy loam, which is soil that is mostly sand with a little clay and silt.

Step 1

Inspect the site for adequate amounts of sunlight. Sod grows best in areas with direct, all-day sunlight.

Step 2

Remove any weeds growing on the site by applying a ready-to-spray glyphosate herbicide or pulling them up by hand. Additionally, remove any debris, large sticks, rocks or other items that may interfere with the sod establishment.

Step 3

Grade the sand away from your house, the sidewalk and other fixed areas on your yard. Rake the sand into smooth, gradual slopes that lead water away from these points.

Step 4

Water the sand so that it is slightly moist to help the sod transplant effectively.

Step 5

Purchase sod within 24 hours of installation. Sod should be laid quickly to avoid transplant shock or damage.

Step 6

Lay sod flat over the moist sand, staggering the joints as you might stagger bricks. Place sod strips so that their edges touch. If gaps appear, fill in the cracks with lawn soil.

Step 7

Water the new sod thoroughly immediately after installation.

Step 8

Roll the area with the sod roller once the site is dry to ensure the sod has good contact with the sand and to remove any air pockets that may disturb the roots. Fill the sod roller one-third full with water, then run it once over the entire area.

Step 9

Water the sod with 1 inch of water every two to three days for the first three weeks. Afterwards, water the lawn as normal.

Step 10

Mow the sod after four to seven days.


If the sod needs to be stored before installation, remove each piece from the stack and lay them out in a cool area.


Do not accept sod that is less than 1 inch thick.


Do not leave the sod stacked in piles.


Avoid installing sod in very hot, dry summer weather.


Do not over-mow; never mow more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at one time.

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