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How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Outside Patio Storage Boxes


If you suffered from arachnophobia before you knew the meaning of the word, take heart. You are not alone. Although spiders are a necessary part of the ecosystem and for the most part harmless, many people have an inordinate fear of spiders. Just seeing one makes their skin crawl.

The facts There are more than 38,000 recorded and named species of spiders worldwide. Arachnophiliac experts with Natural History Museum in London report that less than one-third of the spiders that inhabit the earth have been identified; the world's number of spider species exceeds 100,000 (see Reference 1).

Spiders can be found living in most every habitat on Earth. We can't avoid them. Statistically, there is a spider with three feet of us at any given time.

When you need to rid your home of the eight-legged pests quickly, why risk your family and pet's health with dangerous chemicals and toxic pesticides? Mother Nature provides many choices to ward off all species of spiders without the dangerous use of harmful pesticides.

Vinegar and coconut oil Gently warm solid coconut oil to liquefy, add an equal amount of cider vinegar and mix thoroughly. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray outdoor patio storage boxes, sheds and garages. The vinegar scent is a bit strong for a few days, but the sprayed area will be free of spiders. This treatment will last several weeks. Repeat if spiders reappear.

Vegetable oil and vanilla Mix equal parts of vegetable oil and pure vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly. Place a few drops in small containers such as a bottle cap and stash in food storage cabinets, pantries and drawers. If you store pet food in outdoor patio storage boxes, drop a couple of vanilla beans in the bottom of the container. Spiders will leave, and your pet food will not be contaminated by chemicals or unpleasant odors.

Hedge apples Also known as Osage oranges, hedge apples have a strong citrus scent that spiders find revolting. A basket of hedge apples adds a charming decorating accent to any room while it repels spiders.

Diatomaceous earth Available at most health food stores, food-grade diatomaceous earth is a natural way to rid your home of any beastly bug, including spiders. Sprinkle on carpets, in the bottom of storage bins and around the foundation of your home to effectively eliminate unwelcome pests. Dusting your pet's bedding with it is an effective way to send ticks, fleas and spiders packing.

Mint Spiders despise the scent of mint. A few drops of mint oil sprinkled in patio storage boxes, closets and containers will effectively repel spiders and eliminate musty odors.

Lavender and lemon Although most people enjoy the pleasant scents of lavender and lemon, spiders detest the aroma. Soak cotton balls with essential oil of lemon or lavender, and tuck into cupboards, cabinets and closets to send spiders scurrying. Sprigs of dried lavender are an effective insect repellent in linen closets and clothes hampers.

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