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Should I Get a Semi-Inground Pool?

By Dana Sparks ; Updated September 21, 2017
Swimming provides a fun activity for families.

"Semi-inground" perfectly describes a pool that has been installed partially below and partially above the ground. A pool can be a boon to a family, but comes replete with special challenges. As with any other major home project, the decision of whether or not to install a semi-inground pool will depend upon whether the pros outweigh the cons.


Due to the fact that it is partially above the ground, a semi-inground pool can be positioned in ways that a standard, traditional inground pool may not be. For example, a semi-inground can be built to abut a backyard deck.


A semi-inground pool can provide entertainment to a family and an optimal area around which to have parties and other get-togethers. In a time when hours a week are spent in solitary pursuits, such as surfing the Internet and watching television, socialization can be a healthy step.


According to a study by the YMCA, at least 58 percent of all children are not getting an adequate amount of play and exercise time. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fewer than two in 10 adults get the recommended levels of exercise. A semi-inground pool can help reverse those trends.


When figuring the expenses of owning a pool, factor in the cost of installing your semi-inground pool, monthly upkeep fees including chemicals, tools and repairs, higher utility bills and the cost of increased homeowners insurances. There will be continuing expenses that will never go away as long as you own the pool.


Be prepared to spend hours each week physically maintaining your semi-inground pool. This will include everything from sweeping the deck to skimming the surface of the water to testing the chemical balance of the water.

Yard Space

Even though you can tuck a semi-inground pool near your deck, it still eats up yard space, cutting the area you have for other activities such as play and gardening. It's also one more large obstacle that you'll need to mow and weed around.

Home Value

Perhaps one of the most important considerations concerns the impact a semi-inground pool may have on your home's value. According to a study done by the National Center for Real Estate Research, an aboveground pool, on average, subtracts 1.9 percent from the selling price of a home. This is because other families may not be willing to take on the responsibilities and risks of a pool.


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