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About White Vinegar Weed Killer for Dollar Weeds

By J. Lang Wood ; Updated September 21, 2017
Not just for cooking, vinegar is an old-fashioned remedy for controlling weeds.

Controlling weeds in lawn and garden areas is important to the growth of the plants that must compete with weeds for water and soil nutrients. Weeds can propagate quickly to fill in garden areas, so tackling the problem when it is small is better than waiting until the weed growth is entrenched and may require more toxic chemical methods of control. Household white vinegar is a natural weed-killer that allows you to spot-treat weeds effectively with no harmful effects to pets, wildlife or the environment.

About Dollar Weeds

Dollar weed, Hydrocotyle spp., also known as pennywort, is a warm-season, perennial weed that creeps along the surface of the ground with a large, round leaf that can grow to the size of a silver dollar — hence the name "dollar weed." It is a water-loving type of weed that often makes its appearance when lawns are over-irrigated, according to Clemson University Extension agent Millie Davenport.

White Vinegar For Weed Control

White household vinegar is a natural weed-control product that our grandparents once used. It is a mild acid that burns the plant's cells, causing them to die. It is poured or sprayed on weed-affected areas to kill the weeds, and then the bare areas are reseeded or sprigged to fill in to prevent further weed encroachment. White vinegar contains no harmful chemicals that are hazardous to human health or the environment. It simply works by damaging plant structures so that normal cell processes cannot continue.

How to Use White Vinegar on Dollar Weeds

Use white vinegar for weed control at the full strength of an ordinary bottle of household vinegar you would buy at the supermarket, which is a 5-percent solution of acetic acid diluted in water. Pour the vinegar solution into a spray bottle and spray it on weeds in lawns and garden areas, being careful to restrict spray only to the leaves of the weed. The weeds will begin to burn and die within 24 hours. You may have to apply the vinegar several times to see complete results, according to Danny Lipford. Many recipes for using white vinegar in combination with other household ingredients exist, such as those adding common table salt, but take care when using these ingredients. They can injure the soil's composition, making it inhospitable for grass and other plants.

Precautions When Using White Vinegar

White vinegar will burn other plants around the area as well as the dollar weed, so make sure the spray is directed as much as possible onto the surface of the weed. Avoid getting white vinegar in your eyes, and do not rub your eyes after handling the vinegar. Wash your hands thoroughly after spraying or mixing the white vinegar.