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Different Kinds of Steel Bars

By Kyla Chele Cambrooke ; Updated September 21, 2017
Manufacturers use heat on some steel bars.

Steel is an alloy consisting of carbon and iron. It is available in various shapes and sizes. In addition, different types of steels have different strength qualities. Manufacturers use various procedures to produce different steel bars. Regardless of the type of bar, a steel bar adds stability to masonry and concrete projects.

Cold Finished Round

Cold finished round steel bar is a low-carbon steel with some manganese. It works well with cold forming and bending procedures. In addition, this steel hardens quickly and is suitable for applications that do not require a heavy strength of high carbon. Another type of cold finish round steel material is the medium-carbon cold finish round steel bar. This type of steel includes high manganese and higher quantities of carbon. In addition, it reacts well during heat treatments.

Hot Rolled Bars

Manufacturers produce hot-rolled steel bars bar that appear square, round or flat. Some hot-rolled steel bars have ribbed surfaces that improve the bonding strength of the bars. It forms by the hot rolling method where steel goes into a cylindrical bar by rolling the pieces of steel while it is still hot.

Deformed Steel Bars

Deformed steel bar features lugs, warps and ribs. It helps concrete from slipping or reinforces masonry work. This style of steel bar rarely cracks concrete and works well in construction. This type of bar is usually a reinforcing bar. In addition, it is a less-expensive method of enhancing the durability and strength of masonry and concrete projects.

Other Hot Roller Steels

Manufacturers make wire and mesh fabric from steel. It is available in rolls or sheets. Some items from hot-rolled steel include bar ties inserts, bar chairs and bar spacers. Another type of steel bar is rebar -- also referred to as reinforcing bar. Manufacturers make rebar from carbon steel. This type of steel reinforces masonry and concrete buildings.

Mild Steel Bar

Manufacturers may use mild steel bars for tensile stress of reinforced concrete-slab beams. This type of steel bar is available with round flat surface. Some features of this steel includes the ability to cut quickly and bend the materials.