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Different Types of Watermelons

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The watermelon is a seasonal fruit typically characterized by an oblong shape and red flesh. New developments in the growing process have produced hybrids and different types of watermelons, including seedless, picnic, icebox and yellow-flesh varieties. Each variety of watermelon is unique in color, texture and taste.


Seedless watermelons are triploid hybrids characterized by the oblong shape. They generally weight from 10 to 20 lbs. Although the name suggests otherwise, seedless watermelons contain seeds that are underdeveloped. Seedless varieties contain red, sweet flesh and consumable seeds. Common types of seedless watermelons are the Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Millionaire, Crimson Trio and Nova. The harvest time of seedless watermelons is approximately 85 days.


The Picnic is one of the most common types of watermelons. Characterized by the round or oblong shape, Picnic watermelons range from 16 to 45 lbs. Types of Picnic watermelons include the Jubilee, Allsweet and Crimson Sweet. The Jubilee contains sweet flesh and a green rind. Allsweet are hybrids with sweet flesh, green rinds and seeds. Crimson Sweet watermelons are seeded and seedless. The rind is thick and green while the flesh is crimson and sweet. The standard maturity of Picnic watermelons is approximately 85 days, but depends on the type.


The Icebox watermelon is round and weighs approximately 5 to 15 lbs. The small size of the watermelon creates an ideal fruit choice for an individual or small family. Varieties include the Sugar Baby and the Tiger Baby. The Sugar Baby contains a dark green rind and sweet fruit. Tiger Baby watermelons are gold colored upon maturity. The maturity of Icebox watermelons is approximately 75 days.

Yellow/Orange Flesh

The yellow/orange flesh varieties are hybrid watermelons that weigh approximately 10 to 30 lbs. The typical shape of yellow/orange flesh watermelons is round. Common varieties include seeded and seedless. Seeded varieties include the Tendergold, Desert King, Yellow Baby and Yellow Doll. Seedless varieties include the Honeyheart and the Chiffon. Yellow/Orange flesh watermelons mature in approximately 75 days.

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