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Toro 51575 Specs

The Toro Super Blower 850 was a leaf blower and vacuum manufactured by Toro from the years 1990 through 1995. These blowers are the same type that landscapers use to clean leaves and dust from properties. A tool like this can save lots of time and money over landscaping costs. Knowing the specifications allows you to make an informed decision about a product and helps research parts in the event you need to make repairs.

Mechanical Specs

The Toro 850 featured what the company called a "super quiet" motor. The blower ran only on corded electricity. Therefore a long extension cord is your most likely need to get the range you are looking for, especially if you have a large yard or property. If your property appears unreasonably big to be carrying a long cord around, you may do well to purchase a gas-powered blower. The motor is a 12-amp, 120 volt design.


The Toro blower comes with it's engine near the handle and is extended by a long vacuum tube that either sucks in debris or blows in the direction where you point the tube. It measures 40 inches long and 12 inches high with the handle included. It also has a depth of 10 inches.

Vacuum Function

The blower can also vacuum. The motor has a reverse function that allows you to collect debris being blown about into a refuse bag into of being blow around the perimeter of your property. In many municipalities you violate sanitation laws if you blow the debris from your property into the street in front of your home. If this is the case, the bag will come in handy. It detaches from the side of the blower and you can empty it and reuse it. It's made from a durable canvas material.

Control Functions

The operating switches are on the blower's handle. The blower features two speeds, slow and fast, to control the flow of air coming from the motor's fan-propelled engine. An "off" button is below the switches. The blower tube assembles in three pieces and easily comes apart for compact storage.

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