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Problems With Rain Bird ESP

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The Rain Bird ESP modular controller activates the connected sprinkling system to water the lawn and garden at designated times. The controller is wired to one or more valves, which are connected to sprinklers that are installed in the ground. The ESP features three program modes, which allow you to set three different schedules for all connected devices. The ESP comes in an indoor model and an outdoor model. After seasons of use, the ESP might provide challenges, which are corrected with setting adjustments.

Program Doesn’t Activate

If the timer isn’t activating the sprinklers, the dial might be set to “Off” instead of “Auto” or a start time has yet to be entered into the ESP. Move the “Program” switch to the program you desire and turn the dial to “Set Watering Start Times” to confirm the current start time. If there is no start time, push the “Up” or “Down” button to set the start time in 15-minute increments. Twist the dial to “Auto” to save the settings and activate the program schedule.

Valve Doesn’t Activate

If a certain valve fails to turn on, a run time might not be set for the valve. Twist the dial to the valve number in question, and move the Program switch to each program letter to confirm the run time of each program. If no run time is set for the valve in the program you desire, push the Up button to set the run time. If the run time is left at “00,” the valve won’t activate.

Display Is Blank

If the display is dark or blank, an electrical surge might have damaged the ESP. Open the ESP door and open the front panel by inserting your finger into the hold on the right side of the panel and pulling. On the back of the front panel is the “Reset” button. Use a pointed object, such as a pen tip, to push and hold the Reset button for a few seconds. The display blanks out completely as the button is held and reappears when it’s released. Close the panel and door.

Nonscheduled Watering Begins

If the system activates and the sprinklers turn on out of schedule, the “Manual Start” button might have been pressed. To stop the process, twist the dial to “Off” for a few seconds, and then turn it back to “Auto.” Confirm all watering start times to make sure the surprise watering session wasn’t accidentally scheduled.

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