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210 John Deere Lawn Mower Specifications

The John Deere 210 was a lawn tractor that John Deere manufactured from 1975 until 1987. It was made at the John Deere factory in Horicon, Wisconsin. It replaced the John Deere 110, which went out of production in 1974.


A 10 hp Kohler engine powered the John Deere 210. The engine was air-cooled and could hold 1.5 quarts of oil. The engine block had a displacement size of 28.85 cubic inches. The Kohler engine only had a single cylinder to power the mower and was rated to 3,500 rpm. The bore for this engine was rated at 3.25 inches and the stroke was rated at 2.875 inches. The bore is the size of the cylinder, while the stroke is the distance it travels down the cylinder. The model number for the Kohler engine used was K241QS.


The transmission had four forward gears and one reverse gear. It held 1.75 quarts of oil. The transmission was opererated by shifting it manually. It was made with a Series 2300 transmission that was manufactured by Peerless.


The mower weighed 660 pounds. The wheelbase was 46 inches across and had two wheel drive. The length of the mower was 67.5 inches and it was 41.5 inches across. It sat 42 inches above the ground. It had a turning radius of 3.1 feet. The front tires were 16 inches by 6 inches, while the rear tires were 23 inches by 10 inches.


Band brakes stopped the 210. Steering was done manually. It did not have any power steering or other steering assist systems. It could hold up to 3.5 gallons of fuel. It had a 12 volt starter, which was not a standard feature when this tractor was built. Many mowers from the 1970s were started with a pull start feature, much like a push mower. It had a 46-inch mowing deck. A new headlight design was incorporated into the 210 that had the headlight running the length of the grill. A mechanical lift was used to raise and lower the deck height, but a hydraulic or electric lift was available.


Several attachments were available for the 210. It could accommodate a tiller, cart, snow-thrower, sprayer and a plow blade. Each attachment allowed the 210 to be a versatile machine that could be used to complete a variety of tasks.

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