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Location of the Oil Drain Plug on a Craftsman Riding Mower

Craftsman riding mowers are sold at Sears stores. The Craftsman riding mower is a four-wheeled vehicle that is powered by an internal combustion gasoline-powered engine. Like many engines of this sort, lubrication is provided by oil that is kept in a sump on the bottom of the engine. Over time, the oil may become contaminated by metal shavings, dirt or gasoline, so regular oil changes are needed for the longevity of the engine. Learn where the drain plug is located on your Craftsman riding mower so you can perform necessary maintenance.

Opening the Hood

The hood on the Craftsman riding mower is hinged at the front. Open the hood to locate the oil drain plug by lifting under the rear edge near the steering wheel and raising it straight up. Once you have located the drain plug, close the hood by rotating it downwards.

Finding the Drain Plug

The drain plug should be fairly easy to spot. The plug will be located near the bottom of the engine. Observe the bottom of the engine where it attaches to the mower’s frame. Locate the yellow drain plug that covers the drain valve at the bottom of the engine near the frame.

Draining the Oil

To drain the motor oil from the engine, pull the yellow drain plug off of the engine by hand. A tether attached to the plug will keep it from getting lost. Push the drain tube that came with the mower onto the fitting that's revealed after you remove the plug. Place a drain pan under the tube. Push in on the tube and turn it slightly in a counterclockwise direction. Pull straight out on the tube and allow the oil to drain from the tube and into the pan. After the oil has drained completely, push in on the tube and turn it in a clockwise direction to lock it into place. Pull the tube from the fitting and push the yellow plug back into place.

Safety Precautions

Warm up the engine before changing the oil, as warm oil will flow more freely than cold oil. If the mower has recently been used, allow the engine to cool so that it is not too hot to the touch. A hot engine can cause burns. Remove the ignition key to prevent accidental starting while checking or changing the oil.

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