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Simple Patio Ideas Between a House & Garage

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The space between your house and garage is wasted space that you may not use properly. However, adding a patio to the area allows you to make use of that space. The patio also improves your home's design by making it easier to travel from the garage to the house and back again. Simple patio designs for the space between your home and garage give you room for entertaining or simply relaxing with your family.

Plain Pavers

Plain brick pavers offer a simple solution if you're a DIY lover who isn't sure how to create a patio. Brick pavers are available in large square or rectangular shapes which you arrange on the ground. The trick is to layout your preferring design or the shape of the patio first. Remove the top layer of sod from the ground and remove approximately 1 inch of soil from the area. Pour a thin layer of sand onto the ground and then gently set the pavers in place. Pour additional sand onto the pavers and sweep it into the cracks between them to keep the pavers from sliding around or loosening. Arrange the pavers in a rectangular fashion or diagonally for a more decorative look.

Cement Patio

Concrete Network recommends installing a cement or concrete patio because the material has a neutral look. Regardless of your home's or garage's color, concrete blends the two seamlessly. In addition, if your house and garage are two different colors, the concrete serves as a bridge between the two buildings' appearances. Cement patios are typically constructed from poured concrete; a wood frame is arranged on the ground and the concrete poured into place. Once the concrete is dry, the wood frame is removed. The concrete hardens directly on the ground.

Circular Patio

For a funky or unique patio, opt for a circular design. Arrange natural stones or bricks into a spiral shape, starting in the middle of the space between the house and garage. Craft a walkway from more stones that lead from the house to the patio and from the patio to the garage. Make the circular shape as large or as small as you like for the needs of your household.

Covered Patio

Covered patios offer protection from the elements and give you an outdoor entertaining space regardless of the weather. Depending on the size of the overhang, it may even provide a quick way to reach the house or garage during a rainstorm. Select a style that matches your home or install a neutral-colored vinyl awning that complements multiple styles. Look for an awning that fits the size of the patio space and is tall enough that you can walk comfortably underneath.

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