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Homelite 360 Chainsaw Specs

Homelite is owned by TTI, which also owns businesses in the home improvement and construction industries like Milwaukee, AEG and Ryobi. The Homelite 360 chainsaw is a good option if you need to cut down big trees. This gasoline-powered chainsaw was made for felling trees, downed trees and making firewood.

Bar Specs

The Homelite 360 chainsaw comes in three different bar lengths, including three 15-inch bar models, three 20-inch bar models and three 24-inch bar models. The part numbers for the 15-inch models are PT-15381-G5, GW-15001-G5 and SP-16351-H5; for the 20-inch models the part numbers are PT-20381-Q5, GW-20001-G5 and SP-20351-H5; and PT-24351-G5, GW24001-G5 and SP-24351-H5 for the 24-inch models.

Engine Specs

The engine in the Homelite 360 chainsaw is large enough to cut through softwood trees, like pine and cedar. The 360's capacity size is 3.5 cubic inches, which means that it isn't suited for larger hardwoods. An automatic choke function is on the engine, making it fire up quite quickly, and it is powered by unleaded gasoline.

Chain Specs

The smaller engine in the 360 Homelite means that the chain speed is slower than engines that have capacities larger than 3.5 cubic inches. As a result, it can show difficulty when trying to cut large hardwoods like maple or oak. It can cut through 15-inch diameter softwood quite well, however. The chain numbers for the 15-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch bar models are D-92425-A, D-92431-A and D-92432-A, respectively. The 24-inch models have 38-MESO-81 chains; the 20-inch models have 38-MESO-70 chains and the 15-inch models have 38-MESO-59 chains.


A number of safety features are included on the Homelite 360 chainsaw that come with each model. The main handle on the chainsaw was built with anti-vibration technology, which means that it doesn't excessively shake during use. You will be thankful for this feature during long cutting times; your fatigue will be reduced as compared with those chainsaw that do not utilize this technology. An anti-kickback guard is on every 360 chainsaw to prevent the chainsaw from injuring you as well as an inertia chain brake that applies the brake when the bar is suddenly forced upwards.

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