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Kubota B40C Tiller Specifications

The B40C Tiller is a product of the Japanese Kubota Corporation, which specializes in producing compact tractors, tractor attachments and riding lawn mowers. Established in 1890, the corporation began selling its products in the U.S. in 1969. The latest version of the Kubota B40C Tiller, which is a tractor attachment used for breaking-up or cultivating the surfaces of soils, appeared on the market in 2010.


The Kubota B40C Tiller has a length of 541 mm or about 21.3 inches and a height of 599.4 mm or about 23.6 inches. The width of the tiller is 1,071.9 mm or about 42.2 inches.

Tilling Width

While the physical width of the Kubota B40C Tiller is over 40 inches, the tilling width of the attachment is smaller at 939.8 mm or about 37 inches. Also known as the working width, the tilling width refers to the maximum amount of horizontal space that the tiller’s tines -- or spinning blades -- are able to effect when you make a pass with the tiller.

Tilling Depth

In contrast to tilling width, tilling depth refers to the amount of vertical space a tiller’s tines effect -- or how deep the tines are able to penetrate down into the underlying soil. The Kubota B40C Tiller has a tilling depth of 152.4 mm or 6 inches. Tilling depth is also known as working depth.


The Kubota B40C Tiller weighs 116 kg or approximately 255 lbs.

Drive Type

The Kubota B40C Tiller uses a chain drive system as opposed to a belt drive or a drive shaft. Chain drive systems, like those employed in bicycles, utilize endless metal chains for transmitting power from a power source, such as the engine of a tractor -- or in the case of a bicycle, the pedal assembly -- to moving components, such as the tines of a tiller, or in the case of a bicycle, the wheels.

Tractor Hitch

Like many modern tractor attachments, the Kubota B40C Tiller relies on a three-point hitch for connecting to its host-tractor. Unlike the more traditional sleeve hitch, which utilizes one point of connection, the three-point hitch features three connective arms. One fixed arm extends out from the top of the hitch, providing a rigid connection, while two movable arms extend out from the bottom of the hitch, allowing for workers to raise and lower attachments, like tillers. These bottom arms function using hydraulic cylinders.

Tractor Compatibility

The Kubota B40C Tiller is compatible with several Kubota tractor models, including the BX2350, the BX2230, the BX1850, the BX1830, the BX1500 and the BX24.

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