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Can the Top Rails or Seats Be Replaced on a Doughboy Pool?

Doughboy sells pools designed to be set up above ground. These systems have several advantages: They are much easier to set up and use than in-ground concrete pools, they are less expensive to maintain, and they have round shapes that can fit into a number of different yard shapes. The top rail of the Doughboy pool is the last ridge in the pool framework. It caps off the walls and provides a seat where swimmers can rest. One of the most important parts of the pool, this top rail usually is replaceable.

Top Rail Replacement

The top rail on any above-ground pool system is subject to considerable wear and tear. It is used as a support, brace, seat and shelf, and serves numerous other purposes during the life of the pool. Doughboy designs its top rail so that it should not need replacement. It is constructed of thick stainless steel to resist wear and impact. However, if your Doughboy pool is an older model, it may have suffered some corrosion, or accidents may have bent and warped it. Because of such possibilities, top rails are designed to be replaced if necessary.


Start by checking your Doughboy warranty. If parts suffer damage within the warranty period, Doughboy may offer a replacement part for free. Consult your manual and warranty information to see if the warranty covers components such as top rails and liners. This could save you the considerable expense of buying a new rail.

New Parts

Above-ground pools are sold in packages and in separate parts for repairs. If you look online for a new top rail for your pool, you may find a wide number of options. It is important to match both brand and material. Do not choose a replacement top rail that was not designed by Doughboy for your specific pool model. Call the manufacturer if you have to. Ensure the top rail is made of the same material as your original top rail. Professional installation may be required to replace the rail correctly.

Hand Rails

Doughboy also sells stainless steel hand rails for pools. If you are using these rails -- for example, to enter your pool directly from your deck -- they are both portable and easily replaceable. Replacing one of the hand rails is both less expensive and much faster than replacing the entire top rail of the pool.

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