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What Are the Causes of Mobile Home Floors Sinking?

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Unlike a conventional home which has a foundation, most mobile homes depend on blocks or piers for support. If the block or pier footings have been improperly placed under the home or are disturbed, the home's floors will become uneven and sink or heave. An unlevel floor results structural problems that can become severe.


Excessive moisture in the soil under the mobile home causes the piers or blocks to sink. If the soil goes through periods of moisture and drying, the particles will expand and contract, which unsettles the home. The piers and blocks will sink or heave upward which shifts the mobile home's floor. Some block and piers are placed on a concrete slab beneath the mobile. Even a concrete slab does not promise stability because it can sink or heave because of unstable soil.


A mobile home that does not have its footings properly installed can suffer flooring problems. The footings require proper support from concrete or hardwood shims. Using too few blocks under the home will also cause problems. If the home's structure is not properly supported, the floors will sink. Even if adequate blocks are in place, their placement is paramount. Placing the footings in the wrong location beneath the home will not provide it with adequate support.

Improper Leveling

When a mobile home is first set up, the setup crew levels it. This process includes preparing the location in which the mobile will sit and ensuring that it is evenly supported. If the crew fails to properly level the home, it will undergo floor problems. Over time, the floor will sink or buckle because of the stress placed on the home's structure from being unlevel. The anchor straps that secure the home can also become loose.


If the floor of a mobile begins to sink, you will notice that water flows to one side of the counter top. When you walk across the floor it might squeak or moan. Windows and doors might stick or swing open. The drywall that covers the walls or ceiling can begin to show cracking. The skirting that surrounds the base of the mobile home can buckle or bulge.

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