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Ideas for Lining a Driveway With Mulch, Stones & Rocks

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Mulch, stones and large rocks placed along the edges of a driveway can soften the look of the landscape. You may use single mulch types or a combination to create a variety of looks to coordinate with your home’s exterior. Mulches come in a variety of colors and textures that will complement the appearance of your landscape.

Organic Mulch

Organic mulches are natural materials such as wood chips, pine needles, leaves and bark. Natural mulches are available in a variety of colors and have different textures. Some organic mulch, like cedar chips, has a distinct fragrance that can add another layer of interest to the landscape. You can place a border of organic mulch along the edge of the driveway by itself or you can add shrubbery or flowers. Over time, the mulch with degrade and need replenishing. Because organic mulch is lightweight, you can add a landscape plastic retainer to keep the mulch in place during times of high wind and rain.

Stone Mulch

Long-lasting stone mulches are small to medium-sized rocks of varying types. Common stone mulches include lava rock, gravel and crushed stone. These mulches provide a softened transition from a paved driveway to a grassy landscape. The stone mulches may move without a border to retain the mulch in place. Therefore, you should install a vertical barrier with bricks or plastic to keep the stones in place so they do not stray into the grass area and become a hazard during maintenance.

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers can create a formal edged appearance along paved driveways. Stone pavers are often travertine, cobblestone, or brick and are in shapes of squares or rectangles. You may create interest in the area along the driveways by placing the pavers at angles to the driveway or in geometric patterns. Installed pavers require little maintenance and will stay in place for years. The colors and patterns of the stone pavers add interest to your landscape. Paver material is very durable in the outdoors; therefore, it will be long lasting in your landscape.

Rock Boulders

Large rock boulders along a driveway create a rustic appearance in the landscape. Due to their size and irregular shape, rock boulders typically do not sit tight together in a line so you may use a combination of mulches and boulders if you want to keep grass from growing between the rocks. Alternatively, you can plant flowers or small shrubs between the rocks to fill in open spaces and develop a sharp division between the areas. Rock boulders will last for years in a landscape due to the durability of the material.

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