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Poulan 361 Chain Saw Specs

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While Poulan has been producing lawn tools since 1944, its 361 model chain saw -- vintage though it is, with a production run spanning from 1965 to 1976 -- is a late enough model to enjoy modern-day staples such as a chipper-style chain and diaphragm carburetor, allowing it to be used at any angle. Whether you're a collector or you just found a deal on a secondhand 361, seek service from a manufacturer-approved machine shop before firing up your chain saw for use.

All About the Engine

A 59-cubic-centimeter single-cylinder, two-cycle engine powers the Poulan 361. The cylinder features aluminum construction, and the saw has an automatic rewind starter, a pull-rope starter with the automatic recoil that's still common today. This retro Poulan features a centrifugal direct-drive clutch made of die-cast magnesium and a crankshaft with ball-and-needle roller bearings.

Carb and Ignition Specs

Poulan's model 361 packs a Tillotson HS-59A carburetor with a chrome-plated bore and four reed valves. For air filtering, this machine uses a simple flocked wire screen. The 361 originally came with Champion CJ8 spark plugs, a staple for two-cycle engines such as this, which are still readily available at the time of writing.

The Perks and the Chain

On the saw's body, you'll a throttle trigger for increasing and reducing speed, a throttle lock, a choke lever and a button to engage to automatic chain oiler. The 361 cuts with a Poulan P-72 chain, characterized by a 3/8-inch pitch, a measurement of half of the distance between any three consecutive rivets.

More to Know

Operators grip the Poulan 361 via a rigid handlebar, which is removable. This offers you the choice of guide bars, ranging in size from 12 inches to 25 inches, though these retro parts may be difficult to track down. The saw runs on a mixture of regular gasoline and SAE 30 motor oil, mixed at 1/2 pint oil per gallon of fuel.

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