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What Color Pavers to Use With a Yellow House

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When blended well with its architecture and surrounding landscape design, the bold and bright design statement of a yellow house can evoke warm feelings of an exotic, luxurious getaway or a charming, Southwestern abode. The punch of yellow color on a house accents several styles of pavers. Each type of paver introduces a different style and appearance that either warms up the yellow or tones it down with soothing neutrals.

Classic Brick

Picture a yellow stucco house with Spanish-style terracotta roofing tiles or a house with yellow siding and a red roof. Brick pavers set in an organic layout whose curves meander along the landscape to form walkways or the main driveway anchor the setting by repeating the similar tone of the roof tiles on the ground.

Brick-colored pavers are available as the classic brick or as concrete pavers fabricated with a brick-colored tint. On the color wheel, red tones are complementary with the yellow while blues are contrasting. An interesting mix is to incorporate specs of multi-colored or blue pavers throughout a brick-colored paved area.

Warm Tones

Lighten up the feel of the desired paved space with warm, light-colored neutral pavers with hues of amaretto and travertine. These pavers have brown, earthen-colored tones that complement the yellow house color. The lightness of the yellow is expanded by this color choice of pavers, and they make the space feel airy, clean and open.

Pavers of these tones are in natural stone, cobblestone, flagstone, marble and concrete. The decorative interest of the natural pavers is attributable to the varying tones of color found with each piece. Together, the pavers create an outdoor space that has texture, visual interest and natural style.

Concrete pavers are fabricated to mimic natural stone. The color-tone effect is recreated in concrete using a combination of warm stain hues.

Gray Tones

Gray-colored pavers introduce a neutral scheme on the cooler side of the color palette. Grays, such as cool concrete tones and slate, are commonly appreciated on the ground as seen in public walkways and parks. Dark charcoal pavers complement asphalt. The gray somewhat disappears against the yellow house, making way for a neat outdoor space without competing with the house's bold color.

Poured Concrete

Concrete stained and stamped to look like pavers is an alternative to installing pavers. Stay within the neutral tones that are not too far away from the colors that are normally or naturally seen on the ground -- concrete, sand, brick, soil and clay -- as these complement a yellow house very well.

Paver patterns set in the concrete can imitate any design, such as the running bond, the basket weave and the stack bond. And just like the pavers, the edging can take on any desired shape of the landscape to yield a yellow house with a lot of curve appeal.

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