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Do Cucumbers Produce Gas & Aluminum?

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Cucumbers are almost entirely water. At about 96 percent water content, cucumbers produce intestinal gas in sensitive people, but there is no space for naturally accruing aluminum. Cucumbers do not produce aluminum, a mineral toxic to plants. They do contain vitamin C, iron, potassium and unique fiber qualities. Cucumber fiber hold water 30 times its weight. Wheat bran only holds four to six times its weight in water. There are other remarkable facts about cucumbers.

Cucumber and Aluminum Reactions

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Although cucumbers do not produce the element aluminum, they may create a chemical reaction when in contact with aluminum. Cucumber skins contain the chemical curbitacinm, which is an excellent pest control substance. Spreading peels around sends many pests in opposite directions. Adding cucumber peels to an aluminum pan or soda sets off a chemical reaction that repels harmful grubs, beetles and even cockroaches in the garden, lawn and around the home.

Soothing Cucumber Intestinal Gas

Intestinal gas is uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. Not being able to eat a favorite food due to intestinal gas is also disappointing. Changing cucumbers' form decreases the incidence of intestinal gas in sensitive people. Marinating, heating or pickling cucumbers reduce gassiness in sensitive digestive systems. Experimenting with different ways to prepare cucumber helps gas sufferers. Keep in mind that people pickled cucumbers are more distressing than raw for some people.

Drug and Cucumber Interactions

Cucumber with the peel intact is high in vitamin K. Vitamin K is an anticoagulant or a blood thinner. According to Wausau Hospital, people on anticoagulant drugs should avoid eating cucumbers or other foods high in vitamin K to reduce the incidence of possible uncontrollable bleeding. Cucumbers are known to create false/positive guaiac, also known as hemoccult tests, performed for blood in the stool.

Increasing Cucumber Iron Content

Iron is instrumental in carrying oxygen to the blood. Increased iron in the diet is a health concern for many people. Cucumbers may not be the best source of iron, but pickling them in the right container greatly increases the content. When cucumbers are pickled in iron vats, they gain 1mg of iron per pickle. For those who have higher dietary iron needs and love pickles, purchasing pickles made from iron containers are a low-cost, natural iron supplementation.

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