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Apple Orchard Slogan Ideas Images

An apple orchard slogan should evoke the image of a crisp, red-ripe apple bursting with golden juice. It should make your potential customers see themselves enjoying an apple, or apple product, from your orchard. An apple orchard slogan may also evoke nostalgic fall memories, such as cider, caramel apples or mom's apple pie.


Slogans that incorporate apple puns are memorable and apt. "A pip of an apple," "As American as Acme apple pies," "Applicious," "We're apple polishers" or the tongue-in-cheek "One bad apple brings the whole bunch." Apple orchard slogans also often begin with the word, "Worth," and may end with "the drive," "a visit," "a second taste" or "a second trip."

Harvest or Plenty

Since most people visit apple orchards in the fall, a slogan that conveys a sense of an abundant harvest can be effective. "An avalanche of fruit," "Acres of apples" or "Bushels of taste" are examples of slogans that paint a picture of harvest. A slogan might also focus on the beauty of the orchard itself or the fun of visiting one, as in "Bring the kids," "Family fun at the farm," "Spend a day with us" or "The tasty destination."


Many people visit apple orchards to relive happy memories from their childhood or to evoke a sense of nostalgia. A slogan that evokes an earlier time may bring people into your orchard. Use slogans like "Cider capital of the U.S.," "Candy apple kings" or "Apple-bobbing central." The idea of fun, old-fashioned games and parties help draws people in. If your orchard offers hay rides or a petting zoo, by all means use it in your slogan: "Take an old-fashioned hay ride" or "Our ponies love apples."

Pies and Baked Goods

The promise of a variety of products, such as pies and other baked goods, is a strong draw for an apple orchard: "Home of the deep-dish pie," "Better than you remember" or "Come in for a free cinnamon muffin." You might tie your slogan to an existing mascot or make one up: "Apple Annie says try a pie," "Big Red says an apple a day" or "Cider Bee says buzz on over for bread and apple butter."

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