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How to Replace a Belt on a Honda Lawn Mower

Unlike most self-propelled lawnmowers, the self-propelled mowers manufactured by Honda utilize a rear-wheel drive system rather than a front-wheel drive system. Although the drive wheels are on the opposite end of the mower, the process for replacing the drive belt that controls the speed of the transmission remains relatively straightforward. The only time you need to replace the drive belt is when you can no longer adjust the belt tension with the tensioning screw located on the transmission. This means the belt has stretched too far for continued use.

Disconnect the grass collector bag if you have it installed onto the back of the mower.

Remove the Phillips screws that secure the drive belt cover onto the back of the mower deck. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws. Pull the cover off the mower deck and place it to the side.

Locate the tension screw on the transmission and turn it counterclockwise until you can pull the drive belt off the pulley mounted on the transmission.

Position the mower deck on its side so the air filter faces up. Do not face the filter down.

Remove the nut that holds the mower blade onto the drive shaft and then pull the blade off the driveshaft. Use a socket and ratchet to remove the bolt.

Remove the drive belt from the pulley, mounted on the driveshaft and then discard the belt.

Place the new belt onto the pulley and then extend the belt though the access hole in the mower deck. Position the other end of the belt onto the transmission pulley.

Place the mower blade onto the driveshaft and secure it with the nut, socket and ratchet.

Place the mower onto all four wheels and then tighten the tension screw until the belt is tight.

Place the belt cover onto the mower deck and secure it with the screws and your screwdriver.

Reattach the grass collector bag if you wish.

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