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How to Put a Drive Belt on a 42 Inch Murray Riding Mower

If you happen to own a Murray riding mower with a 42-inch cutting deck, you enjoy two blades of grass-cutting power stuffed under that moderate-sized deck. If you look at the top of the cutting deck, you will see multiple pulleys and a drive belt that wraps around the pulleys and extends to the front of the mower. The drive belt spins the pulleys and forces the blades to rotate. The belt made of rubber and metal eventually dry rots. When this happens, the belt can break, leaving the Murray disabled. Avoid this and replace the belt when you see signs of aging.

Drive the Murray mower onto level ground and park it. For safety, set the parking brake. Lower the deck height adjustment lever on the right side of the mower to the lowest position to increase clearance between the deck and tractor.

Disengage the mower blades with the PTO lever on the right side of the mower. This prevents the mower blades spinning.

Stop the engine by turning off the ignition and removing the key so no one can start the mower while you work on it.

Find the clutch pulley under the engine. With the PTO disengaged, you will notice slack in the drive belt. Pull the belt off the clutch pulley on the engine and pull the belt back toward the Murray mower deck.

Make a mental note or a drawling of the pulleys on the mower deck and the belt routing around the pulleys.

Remove the belt from the pulley system on the mower deck and install the replacement belt. Do not use any belt other than a Murray belt. This will ensure the belt is the correct size.

Pull the belt toward the clutch pulley on the bottom of the engine and wrap the belt around the pulley.

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