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Troubleshooting a Goulds' Submersible Pump

By Vanessa Ryan ; Updated September 21, 2017

Goulds is a company that manufactures a line of residential water well pumps and created the world’s first all-metal pump in the mid-1800s, according to the company's website. Goulds' submersible pumps are set below the ground surface and help to move water for irrigation or from the municipal water supply. The amount of water moved with a submersible pump varies, depending on the size of the pump. If you encounter any minor problems with your Goulds' submersible pump, you can try some quick troubleshooting fixes before having it serviced.

Step 1

Leave the pump alone to allow it to cool to auto-reset the thermal protector if the pump won’t run. Heavy usage may trip the thermal protector.

Step 2

Change the fuse or reset the circuit breaker if the pump isn’t functioning at all. Inspect the power supply or generator capacity to ensure your power source is sufficient to handle the load.

Step 3

Inspect the check valve and adjust it so it’s installed correctly if the pump isn’t delivering liquid properly. The check valve keeps the proper amount of pressure in the system so the pump functions normally.

Step 4

Pull the pump out of the ground and clean out any debris if it is clogged and no liquid is being pumped. Lower the pump further into the ground if it isn’t completely submerged.


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