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How to Troubleshoot the Weed Eater Excalibur 22

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The Weed Eater brand is a line of residential outdoor maintenance tools including trimmers, edgers, mowers and blowers. The Excalibur 22 model GHT225 by Weed Eater is a 25 cubic cm displacement gas-powered hedge trimmer. The Excalibur 22 features a 22 inch cutting length. Most problems with the GHT225 can be solved by verifying proper setup and performing maintenance on wear parts including spark plugs and air filters.

Verify that the switch is positioned to “ON” and the fuel tank is filled if the Weed Eater Excaliber 22 fails to start. If the engine is flooded, engage the throttle lock, push the on-off button to the “ON” position and pull the starter cord until the engine starts. Replace the spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel line if the trimmer still fails to start.

Adjust the carburetor idle speed on the Weed Eater Excaliber 22 by turning the idle speed screw if the trimmer idles improperly. The engine is idling improperly if the blade moves while the unit is idling or if the engine stalls.

Inspect the air filter if the engine fails to increase speed during use. Replace the air filter if it is worn or clean it if it is dirty. Inspect the spark plug and clean or replace it as necessary.

Remix fuel, drain the engine and refill with clean mixture if the engine emits too much smoke during use. Adjust the choke and inspect the air filter for dirt and wear.

Verify that the proper fuel mixture and spark plug are in use if the engine on the Weed Eater Excaliber 22 puts out excess heat while in use.

Troubleshoot A Bolens Weed Eater

Bolens is a brand name from the MTD company that produces lawn and garden power equipment, such as walking mowers, riding mowers, tillers and trimmers. Trimmers are designed for more precision work around the yard, creating edges around a lawn and getting into places a mower can’t reach to remove weeds. If the engine or cutting attachment of your Bolens weed eater causes you any trouble, try some quick repairs yourself before taking it in to be serviced. Squeeze and release the primer bulb 10 times and ensure the gas tank has fuel if the trimmer refuses to start. Turn the screw 1/8 turn clockwise at a time until the idle is smooth. Clean out any grass, weeds or dirt that may be obstructing the cutting attachment. Push in the bump at the bottom and pull out 4 inches of line to try again.

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