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How to Kill Trapdoor Spiders

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Trapdoor spiders live in small tunnels below the ground where they wait for prey to go by. When the spider spots its prey, it will attack and bite it with its fangs and then drag it down into the tunnel. The trap door spider is closely related to the tarantula but it doesn't have a venomous bite. This spider can live for many years. If it becomes a nuisance there are easy ways to kill it.

Put spider traps around the home where the trapdoor spider is. This spider prefers dry, dark places like garages and attics. Spider traps are sticky and some are non-toxic and safe for humans and other animals. Insects get stuck in the trap and attract the trapdoor spider. When the trapdoor spider attacks, it will get stuck to the sides of the trap and eventually die.

Put a bug zapper in areas inside and outside of the home. The trapdoor spider is nocturnal so it's best to turn the zapper on at night. The light from the zapper will attract insects and that will attract the trapdoor spider. When the spider touches the zapper it will die.

Hit the spider with an object to kill it. This can be a shoe, fly swatter or book. Anything that will be strong enough to kill the spider can be used. Do this when you know you will be able to make contact with the spider and there is no risk of being bitten by it. Male trapdoor spiders wander around to look for mates and food, so males are easier to kill. Females remain in their tunnels most of the time, so it's more difficult to hunt them down.

Spray insect repellant directly at the spider or inside its dwelling. It will kill the trapdoor spider on contact or shortly after. Be sure to spray the insect repellant only at the spider and avoid getting it on other animals or people. Try to spray the spider dwellings thoroughly to kill any eggs. The female trapdoor spider can lay up to a hundred eggs at a time and this can mean a hundred more spiders around your home.


Seal all entrances to the home so no spiders get in. Remove wood piles or brush from the exterior of the home. Killing insects will help get rid of trapdoor spiders.


Be careful using chemicals if you have children or pets. Trapdoor spider bites aren't venomous, but they can be extremely painful.

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