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Pool Pump Motor Hums But Won't Turn

By Justin A. Mann ; Updated September 21, 2017
Keep the water in your swimming pool clear by maintaining the pool pump.

The pool pump system attached to a swimming pool moves water through the pool's plumbing to circulate the water. The circulation of pool water prevents bacteria growth and stagnation, helping to keep the water healthy and safe for daily swimming. If the pump system operates constantly, over time the system may fail or cease to operate. The spinning impeller inside a pool pump is the most common cause of problems in the pump, including pumps that do not operate but emit a humming sound instead.

Shut off the power to the pool pump or disconnect the pump from its power outlet or switch box. Disconnect the pump from the pool plumbing and remove the bolts on the middle of the pump with a socket wrench.

Pull the pump apart and remove any diverters or O-rings that cover the shaft section of the pump. Examine the pump impeller for cracks, warping or debris lodged inside it.

Spray the impeller with water or use a small screwdriver to remove any dirt or debris on the impeller. Debris in the impeller prevents it from turning, causing the motor to hum but not fully operate.

Install a new impeller onto the shaft if the old one has cracks, warping or other obvious damage. A damaged impeller will fail to spin properly and can potentially damage other components of the pump.

Bolt the pump sections back together with the socket wrench and reconnect the pump to the pool plumbing. Restore power to the pump or reconnect it to the power outlet or switch box.


Things You Will Need

  • Socket wrench
  • Water hose
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement impeller


  • Clean your pool pump impeller, once a month, to avoid potential damage to the pump.

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