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How to Grow a Philodendron in Water

Philodendrons are low-maintenance, water-loving houseplants with glossy, heart-shape leaves and aerial roots. Those grown in soil thrive best in hanging baskets or along a trellis, where their long vines have sufficient room to grow. Color and life can be added to every room in the house by snipping excess branches from the mother plant and placing them in water. Philodendrons left in water alone can thrive indefinitely, developing new roots and leaves and maintaining a healthy green color.

Step 1

Snip a vine from an existing philodendron plant so the stem is 3 or more inches long. For the best appearance, choose a stem terminating in a few healthy looking leaves.

Step 2

Place the stem in a vase, glass or bottle filled with water.

Step 3

Leave the philodendron in any area of the house with moderate to high light, but out of direct sunlight.

Step 4

Check the water level every few days. Water may evaporate if the plant is left in a sunny spot. Refill the water as needed, and change the water once a week to keep it fresh.

Step 5

Trim off vines and leaves that turn yellow or brown.

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