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How to Repel Toads

By David Harris ; Updated September 21, 2017
Toads can be a boon to your garden.

Although the myth says touching a toad will give you warts, the appearance of toads in your garden is actually a good thing. For most gardeners, toads act as free pest control since they eat many insects that can be harmful to your plants. However, an overabundance of toads can be a problem as well. If you must remove the toads from your garden, consider using a humane method of removal rather than injuring or killing them.

Make your garden less toad-friendly by removing places for them to hide. Remove any place that is dark and damp where they can hide such as flower pots or water containers.

Remove any pet food from the yard, since this can attract toads. Keep your dog's food inside.

Install fencing around any ponds you have on your property. Install posts about 1 foot high and close enough so the toads cannot squeeze through. Make sure the toads cannot dig under the fence either.

Catch toads with your hands, and place them in a plastic bucket that you can seal. Remove them and relocate them to the woods or a pond nearby.

Dispose of any toad eggs you find. Bury them in the ground or expose them to the sun until they dry out.



  • Removal is best. However, to humanely kill toads put them inside a sealed container and put them in the refrigerator overnight. After that, place them in the freezer for a few days.

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