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How Do I Contact My HOA?

By Elizabeth Stock ; Updated September 21, 2017
HOA fees may provide a community swimming pool.

A Home Owner's Association is a board composed of individuals living within a community. If you live in a condominium or a designed community, you may have an HOA. An HOA collects a fee either monthly or on an annual basis, and in return provides services to homeowners. Services vary but may include lawn service, insurance or a community pool and recreation room. If you have a question or an issue with the HOA or the HOA's services, it may become necessary to contact the HOA.

Ask neighbors or the real estate agent that sold the property to you the name of the HOA. In addition, the purchase agreement will list the name of the property's HOA. Many HOAs send newsletters or periodic mailings to all members notifying homeowners of any changes to existing HOA rules. Check all papers you receive from the HOA for contact information.

Search online or on a mailer to find the HOA's contact information including the HOA's phone number or email address. Most states require that an HOA register with the state's Secretary of State's office or the state's Department of Real Estate before the HOA can begin collecting fees.

Call or send an email to the HOA. Depending on the size of the HOA, there may be several members in charge of responding to a homeowner's inquiry.



  • All homeowners have the right to attend meetings held by the HOA and a homeowner may raise issues and ask the board questions during a meeting.

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