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How to Grease a Bush Hog

By Tom Price ; Updated September 21, 2017

The name Bush Hog was created in seconds. It originated in the early 1950s when the first Bush Hog rotary cutter was demonstrated for cutting bushes. "It eats bushes like a hog," a bystander said, and the name that became synonymous with rotary cutters in North America was born. To optimize the life and reliability of a Bush Hog, it is important to service it regularly. Greasing a Brush Hog is part of the scheduled maintenance that is required for the mower.

Lower the Bush Hog to the ground. Turn off the tractor and set the parking brake.

Disconnect the drive shaft from the power takeoff.

Open a handheld grease gun, and fill it with a tube of NLGI Grade 2 type lithium grease. Close the grease gun, following the grease gun manufacturer’s instructions.

Find the grease fittings on the pivot wheel bearings, the wheel pivots and the driveline universal joints. Wipe them off with a shop rag, to ensure that dirt or contaminants get into the grease fitting from the pressure of the grease gun, while greasing the Bush Hog.

Install the grease gun on each of the grease fittings, following the grease gun manufacturer’s instructions, until the fresh grease pushes out any old grease and dirt.

Shoot two to three shots of grease into the plastic fitting on the drive shaft guard.

Pull the two sections of the drive shaft apart. Apply a thin coating of grease to the female section, and reassemble the drive shaft.


Things You Will Need

  • Handheld grease gun
  • NLGI Grade 2 type lithium grease
  • Shop rag

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