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How to Wind the Spool on a Black & Decker GrassHog XP

By Dawn Gibbs ; Updated September 21, 2017

The Black & Decker GrassHog XP is a trimmer and edger used for yard work. The unit uses nylon line to cut through weeds and grass in hard-to-reach areas such as along the edges of walkways. When the line becomes dull or tangled, you must replace it. You can either drop in a pre-wound replacement spool or wind the existing spool with your own line.

Unplug the GrassHog and lay it on a flat surface, upside down so you can access the spool. Press the tabs on the side of the spool cab and pull up to remove the cap. Pull the spool out. Remove the old line and throw it away.

Curve the end of the new line into a hook that is 3/4-inch long. Hold the hook and insert it into one of the two holes in the middle of the spool. Wind the line in the direction of the arrow on the spool. Continue winding until you reach the rim of the spool.

Hook the line through one of the notches in the rim of the spool. Feed an additional 6 inches of line past the notch, then cut the line free.

Create another 3/4-inch hook in the end of the line, and insert that hook in the second hole in the middle of the spool. Wind the second half of the spool by following the arrow. Hook the line through the closest notch, feed out 6 inches and then cut the line.

Lower the spool into the spool hub with the line facing up. Insert one line through a hole in the spool hub, then insert the second line through the second hole in the hub. Pull the lines taught so they pop out of the notches in the spool.

Push the spool down and rotate it until it snaps into place in the hub. Replace the cover over the spool.


Things You Will Need

  • 0.080-inch diameter round line

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