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How to Change a Simplicity Mower Tire

By Owen E. Richason IV ; Updated September 21, 2017

The Simplicity Manufacturing Company is an outdoor landscaping machine manufacturer located in Wisconsin, based in the town of Port Washington. The Simplicity Manufacturing Company produces zero-turn mowers, yard and garden tractors, snowthrowers, walk-behind mowers and riding lawnmowers. Although they're durable, the tires do eventually wear out, especially those on the manufacturer's riding mowers. If you have to change the tires on a Simplicity riding mower, you can do so yourself in less than an hour.

Changing Front Tires

Place wood chocks around the back tires on the Simplicity riding mower to ensure it doesn't roll during the tire change.

Slide an automotive jack under the front axle and raise the front of the Simplicity mower approximately 6 inches off the ground.

Pry the grease cap off the tire, using a putty knife or flat-head screwdriver.

Unfasten the collar bolt with a hex driver. Remove the wheel collar and pull the front tire off the Simplicity mower.

Put the new front tire on. Replace the wheel collar and hex bolt. Put the grease cap back on and lower the jack. Remove the chocks from the rear tire.

Changing Rear Tires

Chock the front tires to keep the Simplicity mower from rolling.

Slide an automotive jack under the rear axle and raise the jack about 6 inches.

Pull the cotter pin off the wheel, using needle-nose pliers.

Unfasten the mounting bolts with a socket wrench and pull off the rear tire.

Put the new rear tire on the Simplicity mower and fasten the mounting bolts with a socket wrench. Replace the cotter pin, then lower the mower to the ground. Remove the jack and tire chocks.


Things You Will Need

  • Front and/or rear tires
  • Wood chocks
  • Automotive jack
  • Putty knife or flat-head screwdriver
  • Hex driver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Socket wrench and sockets

About the Author


Owen Richason grew up working in his family's small contracting business. He later became an outplacement consultant, then a retail business consultant. Richason is a former personal finance and business writer for "Tampa Bay Business and Financier." He now writes for various publications, websites and blogs.